Healing Mists by Makenzie Flynn


Healing Mist by Reiki Master Makenzie Flynn is a collection of six hand crafted mineral water based gem essences that are charged under the light of the Full Moon and energetically programmed to serve specific purposes. Each mist contains a unique blend of essential oils and activated crystals. The effects of the mists are most powerful when used as tools to enhance practices like meditation, intention setting, and visualization. To use, shake and spritz the mist into the air or onto yourself to merge its healing vibrations with your auric field.


LOVE Healing Mist lifts the energetic frequency of the mind, body and spirit. Rose Quartz crystals help establish a sense of unconditional self love while also attracting love from external sources. Roses vibrate at 320 MHz which is the highest known energetic frequency of any plant in existence. Geranium is added to support emotional wellness. Use this mist to draw in extra love, sweetness and anything else your heart desires.

CREATE Healing Mist opens up the imagination to fresh new possibilities. Carnelian crystals activate the Sacral Chakra, the main source of creative energy in the body. Palo Santo brings forth new inspiration. Frankincense promotes the free-flow of stagnant energy. Grapefruit, Bergamot, and Rosemary help refresh tired senses. Use this mist to help bring your latest and greatest ideas to fruition.

PROSPER Healing Mist attracts abundance. Citrine is the stone of success. Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh were considered the most valuable gifts for honoring the gods in ancient times. Balsam Fir represents consistent vitality. Cinnamon initiates forward progress, and Orange helps one regain a positive outlook on life. Use this mist to manifest your ultimate vision of prosperity and wellbeing.

SMUDGE Healing Mist is a smokeless alternative to traditional smudging. Kyanite is one of the few stones that never needs to be cleansed, making it ideal for maintaining a neutral energy space. Sea Salt, Sage, Cedar, and Palo Santo have all been used for many centuries to clear away unwanted energy and harmful airborne bacteria. Use this mist to purify the atmosphere amongst yourself and the spaces you inhabit.

RELAX Healing Mist relieves symptoms of stress and anxiety. Blue Lace Agate counteracts restlessness and tension in the body. Lavender and Chamomile help calm the nervous system. Holy Basil is often used in Ayurveda for its comforting and relaxing effects. Bergamot adds a refreshing and soothing element to the mix. Use this mist to regain a blissful and carefree state of mind.

SENSE Healing Mist activates extrasensory perception. Amethyst crystals open up the gateway to the Spirit realm. Earthy Patchouli is ideal for initiating psychic work with its grounding qualities. Clary Sage brings forth clarity and useful insights. Frankincense is known to help decalcify the Pineal Gland. Lemongrass assists in the transmission of messages. Use this mist to awaken your intuition.

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