Ophelia Tap Pant in Persimmon Flower, Extra Small, by Arcana


Persimmon vintage kimono silk featuring a woven chrysanthemum motif. Some chrysanthemums have been delicately highlighted by hand with gold linework. The chrysanthemum symbolizes longevity, courage, and strength. 

Highwaisted, fluttery tap pants featuring double pleated front and 1 1/2" slits at side seams. Invisible zipper and hook and bar closure.


Made of Vintage Kimono Silk from Japan

With traditional Japanese garments relegated to special occasions in modern Japan, the country’s number of illustrious silk artisans has dwindled. Vintage silks of every hue, displaying motifs central to the culture’s visual lexicon, have been wrapped up and stored away in warehouses.

In collaboration with a family-owned kimono trading company, Ichiroya, Arcana’s silk tap pant collection salvages and repurposes these precious emblems of Japan’s rich textile history.

One bolt, or tan, is a narrow 14 1/2” in width, and only enough to make a single kimono. Thus, each garment made from this vibrant silk is a one-of-a-kind heirloom showcasing the beautiful craftsmanship of a bygone Japan. 

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